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Skip Bin Dimensions


Length : 1.6 m

width : 1.6 m

height : 1.0 m

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Length : 2.5 m

width : 1.6 m

height : 1.0 m

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Length : 3.2 m

width : 1.6 m

height : 1.0 m

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Length : 3.7 m

width : 1.6 m

height : 1.3 m

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Length : 4.1 m

width : 1.6 m

height : 1.5 m

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We offer a wide range of skip bin dimensions

Harry's Bins offers a complete range of skip bins size, from 2m³ to 8m³. The variety of skip bins hire Geelong that we offer are suitable for both domestic and commercial uses. It is important to make the right choice when it comes to skip bin dimensions so that your experience of waste disposal is convenient and hassle-free. Finding the right skip bins size helps you save both time and money.


Length Width Height
1.5m3 SKIP BIN 1.8m 1.0m 1.0m
2m3 SKIP BIN 1.6m 1.6m 1.0m
3m3 SKIP BIN 2.5m 1.6m 1.0m
4m3 SKIP BIN 3.2m 1.6m 1.0m
6m3 SKIP BIN 3.7m 1.6m 1.3m
8m3 HOOK BIN 4.1m 1.6m 1.3m
9m3 SKIP BIN 4.5m 1.6m 1.5m
10m3 HOOK BIN 5.4m 2.2m 1.2m
12m3 HOOK BIN 5.7m 2.2m 1.3m

*Please note, the size of the bin may differ. To be used as a guide only.

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